Which Surrey schools take part in the Selective Eligibility Tests?

These arethe Surrey schools ‘Participating Schools’in the Selective Eligibility Test {SET).Click on each school to learn about their application process.

How many stages are there to the Sutton Grammar schools tests?

There are two stages to the to the tests

Stage 1: The Eligibility Test

The first part is a qualification test and only those who score highly enough go on to take the second part. The first test covers Maths and English

  • The test consists of two papers
  1. A multiple-choice Maths paper.
  2. A multiple-choice English paper.

The tests do not include verbal reasoning or non-verbal reasoning.

Admissions to Wallington County Grammar school and Greenshaw High School is determined by pupil performance in the Selective Eligibility Test (SET) only.

Stage 2: The Entrance Test

If your child has passed the Eligibility Test for a particular participating school, he/she will be invited to take the second stage entrance test for that school. This covers Maths and English and is written by the school.

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